New Imprint: Deadeye Bookcraft

The Cyanide Process and Dark Corridor are now officially released under the Deadeye Bookcraft imprint. Both are also available as ebooks, and Dark Corridor as an audio book. Yay!

I will be running a promo for the Dark Corridor ebook on Amazon, from 14 Feb 2021 to 18 Feb 2021 -- it will be *FREE*! Happy Lunar New Year and Valentines Day!

If you're wondering what this is all about, it's some cynical humour directed at the hardships of writing, editing, getting published, and now, staying published.

Exciting News From Dragon Moon Press!

The first two books in the Legends of Temlocht series are being re-released with new covers! Also, the text of The Longevity Thesis has been revised to include more of Lord Jait's story. Available through, or the Dragon Moon Press website.

Newest Publications

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